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3 Creative Front Yard Landscaping Solutions For Drainage Problems

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If you have a home with a front yard drainage problem, there are some pretty creative landscaping solutions you can choose from. Nobody likes to walk through puddles or mud just to get to the front door, and foundation problems from water drainage issues are very real.

While a standard french drain might be okay for the back, you want the landscaping in your front yard to look amazing. The right front yard landscaping solution will both increase the beauty of your home and solve the drainage problem.

A Dry Stream Bed

A dry stream bed is a great solution for front yard drainage problems. They not only greatly increase your home's curb appeal, they do the job of solving drainage problems very well. A dry stream bed, or creek bed, can take many forms ranging from a mulched and stone-lined planting area to a dry creek bed that looks very real.

Use different sized rocks in the front yard landscape design to create drama and let your landscaping professional tell you where and what configuration will be best to solve the drainage problem.

Moist Soil Plants

There are many grass reeds and other landscape plants that will help to absorb water in the drainage area of your front yard. You can actually turn the negative drainage problem into a really amazing spectacle with the right plants. Consider using some rocks to help route rainwater in the right direction as well.

Shrubs like the Winterberry and Pussy Willow need little care and enjoy moist to wet soil. Ask your local landscaper for the best plants for your climate zone. In Ancaster, there are plenty of landscape plants to choose for your front yard that thrive in marshy areas.

Gardens & Bridges

A beautiful long garden bed can be designed with a small bridge for pedestrians to walk over. The landscaper may have to lower the ground a bit under the bridge, but that would actually help to route the rainwater to the right place away from your home.

With beautiful plantings around a proper dry bed, your front yard drainage problem will be solved. So much can be done with a garden and bridge that you can create something totally unique for the design of your front yard.

If you are looking for a front yard landscaping company in the Ancaster area, please give us a call today at 289-808-4879 or complete our online request form.