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5 Key Benefits Of Mulching Gardens

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As a professional Ancaster landscaper, Lay of The Land knows that mulching gardens is an important part of landscape maintenance. Without it, various problems can pop up which affect the beauty and health of your garden plants.

As professionals, we use organic mulch to ensure our customer's gardens are healthy and thriving. We understand how organic mulch can make a huge difference in the health and well-being of all types of plants. Here are the 5 key benefits of mulching gardens we want you to know about.

Mulch Helps The Garden Soil To Retain Moisture

All plants need water to survive, so making sure the water in the soil doesn't evaporate is important. Mulching helps to store moisture in the soil. If you have trees growing in a bed with other plants, the trees will soak up the water before your plants have a chance to get any.

Trees need a lot of water to grow strong. If the ground stays dry, your trees will be short, stubby, and unhealthy. Mulch your gardens to help the soil retain the water necessary to keep the trees, shrubs, and other foliage healthy.

Mulch Provides Nutrients For Your Garden Plants

Organic mulch adds nutrients to the garden soil. Once the garden mulching is done and the fall season arrives, turn the organic mulch into the soil to prepare the garden for winter and then apply new mulch. This will add organic matter to the soil to feed the plants once the weather warms up again and they come out of dormancy.

Mulch Helps To Prevent Garden Soil Compaction

Laying mulch on top of your garden soil will help to prevent compaction. Even if nobody walks in the garden, the soil will eventually compact. Soil needs to be aerated to ensure the oxygen reaches the roots of your plants. If it's too compact, your garden shrubs, trees, and flower won't get the oxygen they need to thrive.

Mulching Gardens Helps To Deter Weeds

The last thing you want to do on a beautiful sunny day is spend time weeding the gardens around your property. Instead of pulling weeds, you can prevent them for several months by mulching the gardens twice a year. This will make the Spring and Fall Clean Up tasks much easier on you as well.

Mulch Adds Beauty To Your Landscape

Mulch adds tons of texture and color to your landscape. It offers a well-manicured look for any yard with gardens and flower beds. By mulching the gardens as often as needed, your property will look neater and better maintained.

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