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The Best Options For Ancaster Driveways and Walkways

Drive way

If it’s time to construct the driveway and walkways for your Ancaster home, you’ll want to be careful when planning the design. A great-looking driveway can do a lot for a home. Not only are the materials themselves important for strength and durability, but for the aesthetic value of your property as well.

Whether you plan to build a winding driveway or a short one from the curb to your garage, you have options. Don’t think that concrete is the only choice because it’s not. It is, however, one of the most economical choices. Pavers are another great driveway and sidewalk material. They are installed over the concrete. Here are some other great ideas for Ancaster driveways and walkways.

Snow Melting Driveways & Walkways

Are you aware that you could have a heated driveway or walkway constructed? Wouldn’t it be so nice to not worry about getting rid of the snow and ice this next winter? Radiant heating systems are now made for driveways and other masonry surfaces.

A heated driveway, patio, walkway, stairs, or entrance way eliminates traditional snow removal chores. Very similarly to heated indoor floors, you can install a snow melting system for your concrete, paver, or asphalt driveway and walkways. Some heating systems are able to be custom tailored to the project, so they are really great for all types of projects. There are also standard heating systems available, but a construction company will likely use a more flexible system for your driveway or walkway construction project.

After installed, the snow melting system can be set to turn on automatically or programmed as you wish. There are residential, industrial, and commercial systems available.

  • Retrofitting existing surfaces
  • Heated asphalt or concrete
  • Heated pavers, tile, & stone
  • Heated pool surrounds
  • Heated driveways & walkways
  • Heated home entry ways
  • Heated back patio

Beautiful Natural Stone Driveways

Natural stone is always going to be an extremely beautiful, durable driveway material. Since there are so many different types of stone, the options are wide open. The driveway is an important part of a home, so you’ll want to make sure it looks as sharp as possible. When choosing the color and type of stone, be sure it goes well with the exterior siding of your home. Don’t let the materials resemble each other too closely, but instead choose something that will contrast a little. You’ll want the driveway to stand out a little, but not completely.

For instance, instead of choosing a darker red stone when the house is also dark red, choose something with bits of darker red in it instead of a solid dark surface. Likewise, don’t choose a really light stone for the driveway if the house is dark. It should blend nicely together. Try the following combinations:

  • Medium stone siding with light stone walkways & driveway
  • Dark brick siding with medium stone walkways & driveway
  • Dark siding with cobblestone walkways & driveway
  • Light wood or vinyl siding with medium stone walkways & driveway

Basalt Driveway & Walkways

Basalt is a stone material that is beautifully dark. It is a fine-grained igneous volcanic rock that is very commonly found on earth. Since it’s so readily available, it makes a really good material for driveways and walkways. Basalt comes in rock and block form. It’s commonly used for hardscaping walkways, driveways, columns, retaining walls, and exterior home siding.

Basalt from quarries in Australia, New Zealand, and Victoria is called bluestone. Basalt can be similar in color to slate, but is duller and not as reflective. It is often crushed as a common crushed stone material for gravel driveways. However, when planned well, basalt can be a truly beautiful material to work with.

Interlocking Paver Driveways & Walkways

Interlocking pavers are a great option for the surface of a driveway or sidewalk. What’s really great are the hundreds of shapes, colors, patterns, and styles the come in. Since they interlock, you won’t have problems with mortar degradation later. They are quicker to install, which helps cut down on construction labor costs.

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