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Ancaster Garden Maintenance Services

Freshly done landscape

The responsibilities of owning a home in Ancaster involves taking care of the landscape garden maintenance. Relax and rest assured that when we handle your garden maintenance, it will remain as gorgeous and presentable as the day it was installed (or grown). We use a combination of special tools, organic compounds and tender loving care to keep your garden lush, vibrant, and healthy.

Many forces of nature act fast to destroy your garden plants and other elements. Insects attack and eat your vegetation, mold takes over the stones, vines can rot the woodwork, and weeds can choke out your roses. Your best defense against all of this is to let the landscapers at Lay of The Land take care of it for you.

Your garden contributes a lot to your home, and you don't want to lose that. No matter the kind of garden you have, you can keep it alive and well with our Ancaster garden maintenance services!

Expert Garden Maintenance Services

Your garden is a very special place, but it does often require more maintenance than other landscape features. Weed pulling, mulching, fertilizing, and cleaning up the debris is an important part of taking care of the gardens and flower beds.

Our talented staff of garden maintenance and grounds care experts can help you keep your garden in pristine shape! We'll make sure your gardens offer just the right amount of aesthetic attention while also maintaining its function.

Our Garden Care Services

  • Weeding & Bed Maintenance
  • Annual & Perennial Flower Planting
  • Tree & Shrub Health Maintenance
  • Garden Mulching
  • Garden Fertilization
  • Garden Pest Control

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If you're looking for an Ancaster Garden Maintenance and Grounds Care Company, please call 289-808-4879 or complete our online request form.