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Spring Clean-Up Services in Ancaster

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The extreme weather conditions of our Ancaster winters can wreak havoc on a landscape. After a long, harsh cold season, landscape Spring Clean-Up services by Lay of The Land can revitalize your property and give it a fresh start.

This after-winter care is not only good for improving your landscape's aesthetics but also vital to the health and well-being of your plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Our grounds care professionals have proudly served the Spring Clean-Up service needs of Hamilton and surrounding area homeowners since 2007.

Our professionals possess the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to breathe your landscape back to life after hibernating in freezing temperatures for months on end. We use specialized equipment and organic compounds to promote growth, protect the vegetation, and make your landscape healthy.

Let's get together to assess your Ancaster property and determine what needs to be done in terms of a spring clean-up service. We offer flexible programs to meet your needs.

Our Spring Clean-Up Services

  • Tree Pruning
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Flower Bed Preparation
  • Planting
  • Removal of Dead Leaves & Wood
  • Pest Control
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Mulching

Spring Clean-Ups For Healthy Landscapes

The practice of "Spring Cleaning" and revitalizing a landscape after winter has always been around. Many home and business owners think of spring as a benchmark period for starting anew.

The Winter season has some devastating effects on the plants you would rather keep thriving. Your landscape can suffer with dead grass, flowers and leaves. Weeds may also start choking.

With our Spring clean-up program, we'll take control of the situation and restore your property to its preseason glory. We'll prepare your flower beds, plant new plants that may need replacing, apply fresh pest control, eliminate weeds, control crabgrass over growth, prune trees and bushes of dead limbs and leaves to allow for new growth and so much more.

By using fertilizers and garden pest repellents we set the stage for vivacious and healthy growth as the sun emerges for the Spring time. By pruning away dead wood from trees and shrubs we are able to remove that which stifles new growth.

Dead foliage chokes out the plant's ability to get enough sun and water, so we eliminate that problem. Along the same lines, we can cut back perennials and properly prepare your flower beds to receive the life giving nutrients in abundance over the new season.

The best way to keep your property looking beautiful and healthy is by preparing it for the most fertile season of the year. Let your landscape flourish anew with our seasonal clean-up services!

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If you're looking for an Ancaster Spring Clean-Up and Grounds Care Company, please call 289-808-4879 or complete our online request form.