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Quality Sodding For Your Lawn

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An emerald green, lush lawn is a central component to any Ancaster landscape. While other features all accentuate your landscape, the sod turf is going to provide the backdrop for it all. Gorgeous, healthy blades of pristine green grass can make your landscape look vibrant and accessible.

The easiest way to add beauty to your landscape is with sod installation service from Lay of The Land. We are trained and skilled at laying sod evenly and effectively so that it takes root and provides your family with lush and beautiful grass for years to come.

If you're interested in our sod installation service in Ancaster, let our Hamilton professionals provide you with a free consultation and quote! We can go over the details of our sod installation or other landscaping services with you in person.

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Benefits of Sod For Your Landscape

Our landscapers provide top quality sod installation to enhance your property with a bright green, healthy look. A beautiful carpet grass lawn makes your yard cooler and more comfortable to play in.

Establishing a great lawn with plenty of healthy sod can be challenging and time consuming. Our sod installation service provides the solution, giving you an almost instant beautiful lawn.

With our sod installation, the grass is previously grown under ideal conditions. Once it reaches maturity, it can be installed. We have plenty of high-quality sod available and your installation is typically completed within a couple of hours depending on the size of the project.

With our sod installation service, you avoid some of the problems of seeding such as erosion, over-seeding, and the time it takes to see germination. Your fresh, new sod will also begin to protect your property from erosion.

With our professional help, you'll have a beautiful landscape of lush, green grass to increase your property value and your curb appeal!

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