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Ancaster Snow Removal Services

Commercial snow plowing ancaster

Everyone who owns a business in Ancaster and Dundas knows that the buildup of snow and ice is a safety problem for customers and employees. With professional snow removal services from Lay of The Land, the entryways, parking lots, and sidewalks can be kept clear of ice and snow buildup.

Everyone loves a white Christmas, but the snow can really get in the way once the winter months hit in Ancaster. Snow removal is an important grounds care responsibility for the safety and easy access of your business. The most obvious and important advantage of professional winter weather cleanup is preventing possible accidents.

If the idea of plowing and salting yourself isn't appealing or even feasible, professional help is only a phone call away. Lay of the Land has the equipment and know-how to keep your commercial parking lot, sidewalks, and entry ways clear of snow and ice.

We have snow plows for the parking lot & sidewalks as well as the salting equipment for ice. With our help, you'll never be stuck with all that buildup during the winter anymore because we can work out a schedule that's right for you!

Get the snow removal services you need for your Ancaster or Dundas business so you can enjoy the winter weather while still bringing in the customers!

Snow Plowing Services For Commercial Parking Lots

When you have a parking lot, there are various problems that happen when snow falls. First, the surface is coated with a nice layer of fluffy snow which doesn't pose a problem until it gets packed down and more layers are added to it. Eventually, there's a thick coating of ice under the snow that stays frozen until it's removed.

Snow plowing can involve removing the snow and treating the ice. If you just remove the snow, the ice will stay until it starts melting away. Then, you'll have a slush parking lot with slippery patches. This all makes the parking lot potentially dangerous for pedestrians and driving customers. The last thing you want is a wreck or a slip-and-fall on your property.

This is also about being able to maintain your commercial curb appeal. Let customers know you are open for business and let your property remain as pretty as a picture with professional snow removal and plowing. Letting a trained and experienced expert with all the right equipment handle the work is the only way to go.

Let our professionals keep your parking lot plowed regularly. We'll treat the ice for removal so that the property is as safe as it should be. This is the time to find reliable snow services in Ancaster or Dundas.

Salting & Plowing Sidewalks

Winter salting is a commercial snow and ice removal service to help keep your business property safe and maintained. Slippery sidewalks are a concern for any business because a slip and fall accident can cause significant problems. Salting service will eliminate the risk of someone slipping and falling down on your property, especially with the elderly or very young.

You don't have to let snow and ice put a damper on your routine when we can simply remove this obstacle for you. We will take special care of your snow services in Ancaster or Dundas.

Our team is always helping homeowners and business owners with their landscaping and property maintenance chores. As part of our service, we take full advantage of the winter season to help businesses get rid of the snow and ice that always builds up. We're dedicated to providing you with quality service that leads to your complete satisfaction.

Entryway Salting & Snow Removal Service

Snow can be deceptive because the water content is hard to determine. Dry snow is less than 5% water, while wet heavy snow may be more than a third water. The water sitting on the sidewalk will only lead to a slippery ice surface that needs to be removed.

The best thing to do is have our trained professionals take care of the salting and snow removal for you. If your clients require that the site needs to be managed for snow and safety when the first staff or client shows up for the day, we're your go-to team!

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