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Professional Grounds Care & Landscape Maintenance

House front yard

A beautiful landscape may be essential to a building's upkeep, but it takes work to keep the gardens, trees, and grounds looking presentable all year. If you don't have time to take care of your grounds care or garden maintenance in Ancaster, our professionals at Lay of The Land can help.

We're the landscapers and grounds care experts in Ancaster with the right tools and training to keep your lawn looking gorgeous! We offer a number of grounds care services which can help you to maintain your gardens and landscape as well as prepare it for a harsh winter season or restore it after damage.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning doesn't just improve the beauty of the landscape and keep dead branches from littering a yard, it's also an important task to keep your trees healthy. Our tree pruning professionals are extensively trained and experienced in tree and plant health care. We can ensure the right branches are pruned off so that the roots of your trees will be able to send food and water resources to the right areas. Let us help you to ensure a strong, upward growth.

Spring Clean-Up Programs

Developing a spring clean-up program for your landscape is important after our harsh, cold winter season here in the Hamilton, ON area. Our professionals can help you to develop and implement a spring landscape maintenance program which can revitalize your landscape by bringing your trees, flowers and grass back to a lush and vibrant condition. We can restore your lawn to a beautiful and healthy state.

Fall Clean-Up Programs

The fall season in Ancaster is more about preparing for winter than anything else. Not only does the dead foliage and branches need to be removed, there are other things to do in order to prepare for the coming season. The soil must be aerated, fertilized, and the leaves raked, trees pruned thin, and shrubs trimmed. This process helps to keep the plants healthy as they go through winter. Let us protect your valuable landscape elements with our fall clean-up programs.

Commercial Maintenance

Ensuring smooth operations for Ancaster businesses, our commercial maintenance services offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. From routine upkeep to emergency repairs, our skilled technicians handle it all. We specialize in HVAC maintenance, plumbing checks, electrical inspections, and more, ensuring your workplace remains safe and efficient. With proactive maintenance plans, we prevent costly downtimes, keeping your business running smoothly year-round.

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If you're looking for an Ancaster Grounds Care and Garden Maintenance Company, please call 289-808-4879 or complete our online request form.