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Dundas Landscaping Tips From The Pros

Freshly mulched front yard

Dundas Landscaping pros at Lay of The Land are often asked about how to develop a green thumb. The truth of the matter is that it all comes through educating yourself about plants, insects, climate conditions, and a world of other information you probably don’t have much time for. But if you do, learning is always a great idea.

If you know a bit about green lawn care, you can improve the look of your landscape. With professional help, you will enjoy a healthy, long-lasting lawn that is stunningly beautiful. The fact is, that to have a great looking lawn you need to know the tips and tricks that the pros use to keep it thriving. You too can have a lush, green lawn that looks amazing if you’re willing to do some work and educate yourself.

To get you started, our Dundas landscaping pros have put together a few various tips and techniques to help make it happen. The good news is that these things can also bring you enjoyment while caring for your landscape.

Maintaining Your Landscape

Just with lawn mowing, there are techniques and tips you need to know for healthy turf. One, make sure you only plant grass seed or carpet grass in shaded areas that thrive in shade.

Another element to consider is the direction you cut your lawn in and how high you set the blades from the ground. Don’t crisscross over the lawn as you cut and keep the blade length at about 2 inches. The grass needs this much length to hold moisture and nutrients for healthy growth.

Keep The Mower Blades Sharp

Another thing a homeowner needs to learn about landscaping is to maintain the lawn mower blades. Dundas landscaping professionals are constantly having to keep the blades sharp because they get dull. When they wear down, they don’t cut sharply and instead pull the grass blade. The grass tears and then becomes vulnerable to disease and insect infestation.

Watering Your Landscape

Watering is an important part of taking care of your landscape. The last thing you want is to invest your time and effort into planting things only to see them die off.

Hopefully, you’ve grouped plants that have similar moisture requirements together. If not, consider replanting them. As you water, do so infrequently but deeply. This involves small amounts of water being allowed to soak into the ground thoroughly. Rushing it only makes the water roll downhill.

Pest Control

Yet another landscape maintenance requirement is monitoring and controlling pests. If you believe you have turf problems, you may be mistaking the issue as something other than pests. For instance, a burned lawn could be due to insects instead of over application of fertilizer or a dog urinating on the spot.

Fertilizing Your Landscape

Fertilizing is an important part of maintaining your landscape. You’ll need to get to know the types of plants, bushes, and trees on your property and what their requirements are in regard to fertilizing. If you need help identifying the plants, call your Dundas landscaping pros at Lay of The Land.

If you have questions or are looking for a Dundas landscaping contractor, please give us a call today at 289-808-4879 or complete our online request form.